2020 Montana Primary Election Endorsements

Raise Your Voice for Labor Rights

When we vote, we ensure that union voices are heard by officials who influence the future of our industry.

On the back of this card are candidates who have shown support for carpenter issues. This includes topics such as prevailing wage, worksite safety, apprenticeship growth, and protecting us from union-busting “right-to-work” laws. These recommendations come from your local and regional union leadership. How you vote is up to you, and we hope that you will consider these endorsements when filling out your ballot.

Your vote is your voice–make it heard! #GOTV

Vote for worker-friendly officials on June 2, 2020

Photo of Steve Bullock

Steve Bullock

Senator of Montana

“We are very confident Steve Bullock would be a strong voice for unions. His record tells us that he will make sure Washington is doing everything it can to bring well-paying jobs, family-sustaining, union jobs to Montana.”

– Derek Hitt, Member of Carpenters Local 82

Mike Cooney

Governor of Montana

“Cooney’s career has focused on creating great careers and opportunities for carpenters in Montana. We know that our retirement, healthcare, and right to organize are safe with Mike in office.”

–Mario Martinez, Financial Secretary of Carpenters Local 82

Casey Schreiner

Lieutenant Governor of Montana

“Casey Schreiner is an union member that fights for apprenticeship utilization and the right to organize in the workplace.”

–Aaron Polumsky, Apprentice of Carpenters Local 82

Did You Know?

UBC started on job sites across the country.

Our founding president, Peter J. McGuire worked tirelessly on the job sites across the country with his fellow Carpenters to organize the union. In 1881, he organized a Chicago convention to form a union. Representatives from 11 cities joined him and they produced a constitution and structure. Learn More


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