2022 Washington School Bonds

What vote YES on school bonds?

  • School bonds provide Carpenters with thousands of work hours each year.
  • More projects closer to home! School projects are often a shorter neighborhood commute rather than a long, traffic-filled commute to downtown.
  • Newer and better schools equal better communities and a better local economy which increases property values in the area.

North Puget Sound: Local 70 Endorses a YES Vote

Oak Harbor School District #201– Capital Improvement and School Construction General Obligation Bonds – Construction of new Crescent Harbor, Oak Harbor, and Olympic View Elementary Schools, a new Co-Op Transportation Center and a new Home Connection/Hand-in-Hand Early Childhood Development Learning Center – $184,000,000 

Bellingham School District # 501 – Proposition 2022-3 – General Obligation Bonds – design replacements to Cozier, Columbia and Roosevelt Elementary Schools; construct a new elementary school; make classroom additions and building improvements throughout the district; improve playfields and structures; acquire necessary sites; and complete remaining 2018 bond projects – $122,000,000 

Central Puget Sound: Local 816 Endorses a YES Vote

Northshore School District # 417 – Proposition No. 2 – General Obligation Bonds – Renovation of Crystal Springs Elementary, Fernwood Elementary, Kenmore Elementary, Maywood Hills Elementary, Woodin Elementary. New Replacement of Leota Middle School and Inglemore High School. Improvements to health a safety, and outdoor learning spaces, $425,000,000 

South Puget Sound: Local 129 Endorses a YES Vote

North Beach School District # 64 – Safety for Students Construction Bonds – Construct new elementary school to replace Pacific Beach Elementary; construct classroom addition at Ocean Shores Elementary that includes a tsunami refuge; renovate Junior/Senior High (including constructing auxiliary gymnasium and performing arts center with tsunami refuge; upgrading fields. $110,000,000 

Morton School District # 214 – Proposition No. 1 – Expand and renovate Junior/Senior High (including constructing new elementary wing; adding weight room; replacing windows and doors; upgrading vocational building and mechanical systems; replacing roofing; renovating life skills, library and administrative areas; improving parking/traffic circulation; constructing new bus barn. $24,500,000 

Hood Canal School # 404 – Bonds to Expand and Renovate Hood Canal School – expand and renovate Hood Canal School (including constructing a two-story preschool classroom addition; constructing a two-story facility for science, technology, engineering, arts and math (STEAM) and the outdoor educational program; upgrading playground areas for disability access; constructing a transportation center $25,126,770 

Quilcene School District # 48 – Proposition No. 1 – Bonds to Construct School Facilities and Improve Athletic Fields – construct a new grade school building to replace the existing Quilcene Grade School building; construct a new Career and Technical Education Building; make athletic facilities and field improvements $12,300,000 

Eastern Washington: Local 59 Endorses a YES Vote

Othello School District # 147 – Proposition 1 – Bonds to Construct and Renovate School Facilities – Construct new classroom additions and a competitions gymnasium at Othello High School; construct new classroom additions at McFarland Middle School to accommodate 6th Grade; construct gymnasiums at Hiawatha, Lutacaga and Scootney Elementary Schools; construct a new central storage facility $,51,000,000 

Columbia School District # 400 – Proposition 3 – Bonds – upgrade and renovate Columbia Middle School for new classrooms; make District-wide safety, security, athletic and infrastructure improvements (including making student safety and security improvements; upgrading restrooms, athletic facilities and Auditorium lighting and sound; and improving community access $5,266,000 

Union Gap School District #2 – Proposition 2 – Bonds to Construct and Improve School Facilities – construct an auxiliary gymnasium; make infrastructure, health and safety improvements (including upgrading the existing gymnasium; expanding and upgrading parking areas; and acquiring and installing playground equipment $9,055,500 

Southwest Washington: Local 146 Endorses a YES Vote

Ridgefield School District # 122 – Proposition 7 – General Obligation Bonds – Construct and equip a new elementary school and 8-plex classroom building at the new school site, and a new vocational and general education building at Ridgefield High School, by issuing $62,565,000 

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