A 21st Century Union

As Union carpenters, we follow a long tradition of craftsmanship and take great pride in our trades and our members. Our livelihood as individuals and our success as a Union are dependent upon our ability to provide signatory partners with well-trained, qualified and motivated workers. The industry standards are high because we set the standard for safety, quality and professionalism. We welcome everyone, including the next generation of members with fresh ideas and desire for success.


The United Brotherhood of Carpenters (UBC) was formed by carpenter to carpenter organizing in 1881. Our founding members were out on jobs sites and knocking on doors across the country to unite all workers in a common goal – better pay and better working conditions by standing together. Although their plan was simple, it was extremely effective.

The Pacific Northwest Regional Council of Carpenters continues their efforts, bringing members together for better pay, benefits, working conditions and a secure career. The UBC divided the country into regional councils, to meet, organize and train hard-working men and women and guide work and policy of their states.


The United Brotherhood of Carpenters is one of North America’s largest building-trades unions, with nearly 500,000 members in the construction and wood-products industries nationwide. The Pacific Northwest Regional Council of Carpenters is over 28,000 carpenters, piledrivers, drywallers, millwrights, trade show workers, shipwrights, exterior/interior specialists, scaffold erectors, industrial & mill workers, insulators and related craft workers who work together on the job site and in their communities to maintain and improve safety, wages, benefits, training and working conditions. Our industry is changing but the opportunity remains for a lifelong career of dignity in work, endless potential and social and financial wealth.

We strive to become the model of a 21st-century union—one with a laser focus on membership support, unmatched skills for our contractors, and a clear direction in leading the industry.

The Pacific Northwest Regional Council

The PNWRCC covers Alaska, Idaho, Montana, Oregon, Washington and Wyoming. We are headquartered in Kent, Washington, the Regional Council has satellite offices in Anchorage, Portland, Spokane, Boise and Great Falls. Contact information for individual offices can be found here.


You are the Union

The United Brotherhood of Carpenters and Joiners (UBC) is the international union representing Canadian and American Carpenters. Within the UBC, members are the strength and voice of the Union. As a voting member, you select your representatives and leadership for your Local, the Regional Council and UBC. Elections occur at your Local hall during regular meetings. Each leadership position is open to a committed Carpenter, passionate about the Union and with the skills and training to be an effective leader and win support of their fellow members. Your vote and your voice is the Union.




  • Local: The Local Union represents the individual members of a skilled craft in their immediate geographic area, covering a city, portion of a state, or multi-state regions. Leadership is elected by local members.
  • Council: The Regional Councils represent the many craft Locals in a select group of states or regions across the United States and Canada. Leadership is elected by council members and Locals.
  • District: The Districts are geographic areas of Regional Councils. There are five Districts throughout the UBC, each with its own elected Vice President. Leadership is elected by General Convention Delegates.
  • UBC: The International is the overall organization made up of members across USA and Canada. Leaders are elected every five years by General Convention Delegates from Locals to lead the building trade industry and fight for workers’ rights.
  • Election

Did You Know?

UBC emblem and motto.

The official emblem of the United Brotherhood of Carpenters and Joiners of America was adopted at the Fourth General Convention in Cincinnati, Ohio, August 1884. The motto inscribed therein, “Labor Omnia Vincit,” translated from Latin means “Labor Conquers All Things.” Learn More


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