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We are excited to launch a new look for Northwest Carpenters Union. Our brand refresh builds on our rich history as Union Carpenters and captures our Pacific Northwest pride. 

Think of the momentum our organization gained since our last logo introduction in 2007.  We welcomed the state of Alaska into our Council; the Industrial Carpenters Council joined our ranks. We have gone through leadership changes at both the Council and local levels. We continue to drive our mission forward. What highlights do you remember?

Capturing our history, the work, and the passion that motivates us is a big task. We teamed up with a brand agency and a group of rank-and-file carpenters to capture the spirit of our region, our work, and our members. 


  • Brand launched August 21st at the 2020 Annual Delegate meeting, in-person and online
  • Hard hat stickers are now available: hint – check your Northwest Carpenters Union magazine
  • New branded website launches Winter 2020

The Pacific Northwest is known for its beautiful mountains and forests. It is important to represent the breathtaking landscapes where our carpenters work hard and play hard. (1)

For brand clarity and recognition, we updated our name to Northwest Carpenters Union (NWCU). You will see this used in our marketing materials, stationery, and in every-day conversation. For legal matters, our name remains Pacific Northwest Regional Council of Carpenters (PNWRCC).

Carrying brand equity from our previous logo, the hammer and fist embody our trade and our union’s advocacy for worker rights. (2)

The mountain crest is an homage to the UBC shield. (3)

Blue, gold, and red link to our UBC heritage with the deep, earthy tones of the Pacific Northwest.

Established in 1881, we recognize our rich UBC history. (4)

Reach out to our Member Engagement Department for more information.

Did You Know?

Carpenters skills and training go beyond the job site.

The Journeyman Leadership Program is a three day program geared towards developing the strong qualities of members on the job and in their lives – leadership, communication, mentoring and collective action. Members learn where the UBC came from and where its headed, and, importantly, how to lead it. Learn More


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