Bull Run Advanced American

Bull Run Advanced American

AAC was the CM/GC for multiple phases to modify the north and south intake towers at Bull Run Tower 2 to improve fish habitat within the Bull Run River system. Modifications included installation of selective withdrawal system on the north tower, new mechanical and electrical operating systems, water quality montoring equipment, site civil improvements and fish flow piping.

The pristine Bull Run Watershed is the source of drinking water for the City of Portland so special care had to be taken throughout this project to ensure that water was not contaminated. The total contract value on this project was more than $30 million.

  • 250-foot long temporary work trestle
  • 1,600 cubic yards of sediment removal
  • Install underwater concrete block revetment system
  • Concrete demolition
  • North Tower structural steel wet well and slide gates
  • Over 14,000 AAC diver hours to complete the work. Drilled shaft, tangent pile wall, and secant pile wall installation. Steel piping installation up to 96″ diameter

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