➤ I don’t believe that we can get priced out of the market. Aren’t you always saying that we are the best carpenters out there?

  • We are the best. We excel in safety, skill, and dedication to training. But time and time again contractors are getting severely undercut by non-union competition and that is a reality that we must contend with in bargaining so that we don’t erase jobs.
  • The greater ownership of the market means carpenters can demand a stronger wage. Union contractors must compete with low wages to win bids. With lower market share, carpenters are frequently undercut.
  • 14–18% of construction performed in the United States is union. That means that 82-86% of the time we are priced out of the market. Until carpenters own the market these considerations play a large role in determining wages.
  • In Seattle, we have a strong market share. This agreement covers a wider area that offers portability with a consistent wage for carpenters working in outlying areas of this contract as well. From Bellingham to Aberdeen, we have a long way to go on achieving more union density. This ensures that our brothers and sisters in the outlying areas can also be assured of that higher wage that is not just Seattle market-specific.
  • For many years New York was considered to have an extremely strong market, with high wages. Recently, New York had to take a huge cut in pay and create a whole local at a lower rate to try to get back work that they’ve lost. We are seeing this in many areas of the country.

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