➤ What goes on behind closed doors? What does the negotiation process look like?

The negotiations process goes something like this:

  • Opening Letters are sent to bargaining parties
  • Bargaining Team members are recommended by the locals (these are tool-wearing carpenters, not staff from the council)
  • Survey of members
  • Review of Survey
    • The survey process asks specific questions and also gives the opportunity for the members to give additional feedback to the bargaining team.
  • At the first meeting, labor and management set ground rules for the negotiating process. 
  • Ground rules usually include:
    • No discussion of what is taking place in negotiations outside of the room.
    • No Press, no social media about specifics prior to a Tentative Agreement (TA). 
      • This allows the parties to keep the bargaining at the table and also for purposes of practicality.  It would be difficult to report back to members after every session, it would disrupt the flow of the bargaining process and get in the way of an efficient bargaining process.  This is why we wait until a TA has been reached and then send out a Cover Letter reviewing the TA for the members.
      • This process is the most efficient and allows for the bargaining parties to feel secure in their dealings at the table which is key to a good negotiations process. 

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