Fighting Tax Fraud


It is time we do something about it.

Every year tax fraud within the construction industry costs hard-working Americans over $2.6 billion. That’s $80 a second bled out of communities still recovering from the 2008 Recession, the worst financial blow Americans have faced since the Great Depression.

Corrupt contractors are the biggest perpetrator of tax fraud––mis-classifying workers or paying them entirely off the books so they can dodge paying federal and state taxes. All the while, they’re pocketing this extra money while you’re left holding the bill every tax season.

Remember, that is $80 a second taken away from:

  • Building new schools to reduce class sizes
  • Improving our infrastructure–bridges, roads, fire, police stations, libraries, etc
  • Increasing funding for our first responders
  • Programs to help veterans
  • And more…

All of this could go toward these programs–all without adding to our deficit.

Nationwide, we are standing up and fighting against tax fraud. We want to make sure those who dodge the law and endanger their workers are held accountable.

TAKE ACTION TODAY! (January 24, 2020): All Washington State UBC members are urged to contact your state legislator and encourage them to pass HB 1395 to protect working families. Click here to find your legislator. Here is a sample script to help the conversation:

Hello, my name is _____ and I am a carpenter living in your district. I’m calling today to ask that you pass HB 1395 which will help workers in my industry. This bill will ensure workers will be paid for the work they do. Non payment of wages is all too common in the construction industry. There are too many stories of sub-contractors cheating workers out of earned wages as a means to keep their bids low. Workers are left with no recourse except the long and confusing route of complaints through the state. Workers are left to navigate the system and often wait months, and sometimes years for wages earned. HB 1395 aims to simplify the process allowing workers to collect from a general contractor. This seems fair as the general contractors vet their subcontractors and should stand behind their decisions. Again, I urge you to take a strong stance in support of workers like me and pass HB 1395.

If you want to learn more, join us on Facebook or Twitter. Or go to to learn more.

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