The Pacific Northwest Regional Council of Carpenters represents 1200+ members in the tradeshow industry.  Members working tradeshow help with the setup, display, and teardown of traveling exhibits both large and small.  The Auto Show, Boat Show, and Comicon are examples of some of the larger exhibits to visit our region each year. The larger shows will often be at the Washington State Convention Center or Century Link Events Center in Seattle, or the Oregon Convention Center in Portland. Smaller shows can be found at various hotels, college campuses, etc.

Tradeshow work is available sporadically year-round. While some of our members find work year-round, it is a great benefit to have our members from the various UBC represented trades available for help, especially for the larger shows.

Did you know that as a UBC member you can be on the Tradeshow Availability List, even if you are currently employed with a signatory construction contractor.  If you are not employed, and on the Construction Out of Work List (OWL), accepting a tradeshow job has no effect on your placement on the construction OWL. The Tradeshow Availability List and the Construction OWL are two entirely different entities with completely separate rules. In addition to competitive hourly wages established in the Tradeshow Bargaining Agreement, contributions will also be made to your Health & Welfare and Pension (see Schedule A’s below).

Signing Up for Tradeshow:

Directions to sign up for Tradeshow for current UBC members:

Step 1 is to call the dispatch office.  Let the dispatcher know that you are interested to sign up for Tradeshow.  The dispatcher will alter you Mix 2020 profile to allow you to call Mix 2020 and have the option to be placed on the Tradeshow Availabililty List.

If you are a JM in your trade, you will automatically be set up as a tradeshow JM.  If you are an apprentice you will be designated as a tradeshow specialist matching the same level as your apprenticeship.  Please note that Tradeshow work hours are not recognized at the JATC, and all hours will NOT count as apprentice hours worked.

Step 2 is to call the nearest training center and set yourself up for a tradeshow orientation class to introduce you to the industry.  You can accept work in the meantime, but it is recommended you go through this orientation.

Step 3 is to call MIX 2020 and place yourself on the TS Availability List.  You need to call every 30 days for check in to be available for tradeshow opportunities.  Unlike the construction OWL, Mix 2020 is not set up for automatic renewal to the TS Availability List on each call.  You need to go to option 2 (update your work status) to check in each time.

Directions to sign up for Tradeshow for non-members:

Step 1 is to call a Local Union Hall affiliated with the PNWRCC, and sign up as an active or applicant UBC member.  Let the secretary at the Local know that you are interested in signing up for Tradeshow work and do not have any experience.  You will be signed up as a Tradeshow Specialist 1, and issued a UBC ID number that will allow you to get on the Tradeshow Availability List using the Mix 2020 automated system (step 3).

Step 2 is to call the nearest Training Center to get signed up for a tradeshow orientation class to introduce you to the tradeshow industry.

Step 3 is to call the dispatch office to set yourself up for the tradeshow availability list and start receiving job calls.

Step 4 is to call MIX and place yourself on the Tradeshow Availability List.  Please refer to the Mix 2020 section of our website for directions.  Mix 2020 For Members

Tradeshow Tool List:

Tool List

Tradeshow Wages:

Tradeshow Schedule A – WA

Tradeshow Schedule A – OR/SWWA

Tradeshow Agreement

Mix 2020 Member Page:

The online Mix Member Page is a great resource to verify that the dispatch office has the most recent and accurate information regarding your contact information, skillset, and desired work areas.  You can also verify that you are on the OWL or Availability List.  A work history tab is available to catalog all the dispatches you have accepted in the past.  There is also a Tradeshow Schedule tab that will list all upcoming scheduled tradeshow shifts.  Please note that the end times are only an approximate.

Tradeshow Contact Information:

Joshua Lucas (Oregon & SW WA Representative)

John Lehman (Western WA Representative)


Central Dispatch

Mix 2020 866-649-5463
Training Centers  
          Kent, WA Specialties Training 866-295-8764
          Portland, OR PNCI 877-287-9282

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