Pension Benefits & Retirement


As part of your career as a Carpenter, you plan for your future with retirement and health benefits savings through a Trust. For each craft and area, you can set aside money to be invested well to provide for you and your family when you’re ready to retire. Each Trust manages your money transparently and with your input. Find out more on each trust, how to save and what to do when you’re ready for retirement.


As part of your career as a Carpenter, you can plan for your future with retirement and health benefits. You have savings and health covered through Trust Funds. LEARN MORE

Reciprocity Forms

Have you worked union outside of your home Trust, or do you plan to? These forms provide you the opportunity to transfer benefits to your home Trust. LEARN MORE

Variable Annuity Plan

Southern Alaska Pension plan changed to a new variable annuity plan. This change only affected contributing members and does not effect current retirees. LEARN MORE

Did You Know?

Carpenters skills and training go beyond the job site.

The Journeyman Leadership Program is a three day program geared towards developing the strong qualities of members on the job and in their lives – leadership, communication, mentoring and collective action. Members learn where the UBC came from and where its headed, and, importantly, how to lead it. Learn More


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