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What is Infection Control Risk Assessment?

Healthcare facilities are unique construction environments. Infection Control Risk Assessment training ensures that your team is following best practices for containment of infectious agents as your healthcare facility undergoes renovation. 

Our ICRA program is a partnership with industry experts in pathogen containment. Trained ICRA teams react quickly when unforeseen conditions occur around containment areas. 

Infection Control Risk Assessment assures that your construction team is as professional and committed to patient well being as your medical staff. 


  • Patient and staff well being as top priority
  • Uncompromised standards
  • Respect and professionalism


  • Nurses
  • Facility Personnel
  • Auxiliary Trades
  • Contractor Representatives
  • Construction Professionals

ICRA 8-Hour Awareness
You can ensure hazard containment is a priority throughout your hospital, with training developed for personnel and trade workers. 

• Procedure and communication
• Pathogen containment
• Airflow control
• Hazardous materials

ICRA 24-Hour Certification 
Make sure that the construction professionals working within your facility are qualified for infection control risk assessment with hands-on training in a simulated healthcare environment. 

• Controlling contaminants
• Responsibility to patients
• Site-specific considerations
• Mold in health care facilities

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Healthcare professionals, keep your facility running safely throughout construction. Learn about free training for your team today!

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