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State-to-state shelter in place mandates are shifting and our training centers are quickly adapting to industry needs. Read on to learn about training availability across our six states. 


COVID-19 Preparedness Qualification
This course covers rules and procedures outlined in the March 20, 2020, OSHA Guidelines and is available to all UBC members. Upon completion of the course and test, the COVID-19 Preparedness Qualification course will display on your Training Verification Card. 

Are you already ICRA certified?
Take ICRA: Best Practices in Health-Care Construction. This online refresher course will keep your certification from expiring.

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As you can imagine our world is changing daily. Our administrative staff and coordinators are safe and working remotely to support our operations.

Our staff has been phenomenal in their ability to morph into this new model. Our teamwork and collaboration are leading us all through this difficult time.

We rolled out an online instructor-led BPHC 24 hour course. It is the first of its kind in the nation – approved by the CITF.

Online ICRA – Best Practices in Healthcare
Online Instructor-led class with a modified hands-on lab 
Given the current state of affairs, “Online ICRA – Best Practices in Healthcare” has been defined as essential training to help support our contractors that are working on hospitals and containment. Our members need to be ready to mobilize for emergency efforts on short notice. As a priority, this class is the first at PNCI to be rolled out online. 

Classes begin May 2020: Sign-up online at
Open to: Contractors, Union Carpenters: Apprentice and Journey-level
Prerequisite: COVID_19 Preparedness Qualification (CITF)

Our JATC worked with BOLI  to modify our standards temporarily to help our apprentices with re-rates.

Our core instructors are collaborating on curriculum and we are working closely with our facilities manager to ensure that we are meeting the current Covid-19 mandates by the state. Our hands-on classes will be modified to follow strict protocols to keep students and staff safe.

As we move into the summer months we are planning on ramping up the number of classes held in this new hybrid format, combination instructor-led internet-based training and modified hands-on learning.


  • Welding Principals Online instructor-led
  • Hybrid Equipment Orientation Class (apprenticeship and continuing education)
  • Instructor-led Scaffold User
  • Instructor-led Online Fall Protection
  • Construction Leadership
  • ICRA BPHC 24 and 8-hour Awareness

Prioritizing roll out of continuing education and apprenticeship classes in hybrid formats.

  • Silica Awareness (continuing education)
  • Instructor-led Math and Blue Print Reading


NWCI acted quickly to adjust and communicate operational changes and resource allocations, while simultaneously making provisions to protect the safety and health of staff and membership, in response to the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic. 

Assistant Director, Aaron Combs said,  “We are in the process of getting back to training, although we aren’t sure at this time what that will look like.” After the health and safety of all involved, NWCI holds training as its top priority and is committed to making it happen in the manner that efficiently deploys all available resources at its disposal.

Notable adjustments include:

  • Transitioning to online learning via CANVAS, a Learning Management System (LMS) web portal, to deliver a portion of course content.  Our plan is to offer all of the RSI classes partly online and partly in person, after the shelter in place order expires.
  • Streamlining database applications to improve apprentice-tracking capacity.
  • Communicating State L&I temporary policy revisions regarding extensions of certifications affecting employment eligibility (e.g. First Aid/CPR) via the NWCI website and social media pages.
  • Sharing Fully Effective Employee (FEE) information and resources for apprentices and their families via NWCI website and social media pages.
  • Apprentice re-rates and journey-out approvals will be sent out to JATC members for e-polling by Program Specialists, as JATC meetings are postponed until further notice.
  • Training center expansion activities continue at Burlington. Wilcox construction was selected for the project and is currently in the pre-construction process. Internal discussions are ongoing and include woodshop tool placement, dust collection systems, welding shop configuration, and similar details.

NWCI continues to monitor directives issued by governing authorities and do its best to mitigate the effects of official mandates, related to the pandemic, on training opportunities for the membership.

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Montana Carpenters Training Center
Training is on schedule to reopen May 7, 2020
Learn more online

Alaska Carpenters Training Trust
Training is on schedule to reopen May 11, 2020
Learn more online at

Did You Know?

UBC started on job sites across the country.

Our founding president, Peter J. McGuire worked tirelessly on the job sites across the country with his fellow Carpenters to organize the union. In 1881, he organized a Chicago convention to form a union. Representatives from 11 cities joined him and they produced a constitution and structure. Learn More


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