Sloan Duncan, LU 59, Journey level

Sloan Duncan, LU 59 is currently working for Bouten Construction on a new orthopedic clinic in Spokane. “Bouten is taking more precautions since the pandemic started,” said Duncan. “We sign in and out so we know who is on the job site. If someone tests positive for the virus, we can quickly alert any workers that were there at the same time. Last week we got face masks.

“The company has added sanitizer and hand washing stations and assigned someone to sanitize everything daily.

“When a co-worker who lives with his elderly father was concerned about continuing to work and risking his father’s health, Bouten was very understanding about it.”

Sloan’s family is back east and travel restrictions have taken their toll. “I was supposed to go to the “Labor Notes” Convention in Chicago,” Duncan said. “I was also going to visit my best friend who lives there and is about to have a baby. The first thing I will plan after this is all over is a trip to Chicago to see her.”

Sloan is staying connected as best she can. She recently attended her Sisters in the Brotherhood meeting via video conference, and she stays in touch with her neighbors through nightly conversations across their back yards. She’s been volunteering with Spokane Food Fighters and Spokane County Mutual Aid to deliver food and connect people in need with resources.

“ I want to do what I can to keep our community together,” she said.

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Did You Know?

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