Hustling Work

Best Practices for Finding your Next Job

Like any job, there’s some leg work involved in finding… well, work. Luckily, these days there are additional resources available to carpenters today to help them find their next job. Below, we’ve compiled a checklist to help you do just that.

Make sure you’re on the Out-of-Work list

First and foremost: take the time to update your status and get your name on the Out-of-Work/Mix 20/20 list. The sooner you put your name on the list, the sooner our system can match you up with your next job. The best way to think of Mix 20/20 is like a program downloading on your computer–while you’re looking for work via the other steps in this list, the system will continue to run until your name is pulled up.

Check your Local or Council office

Take the time to swing by your local union hall or a Council office near you. Many have job report forms already printed or available on request.

Simply attending meetings such as your monthly local meeting, Sisters in the Brotherhood, Veterans in the Brotherhood, or Carpenters in Action is another great resource. They’re a great way to stay informed on current events within the Council as well as a chance to network. You never know who might have heard about an upcoming job or knows another site in need of extra hands. Never be afraid of asking others if they know of any work happening–everyone has had to hustle work at some point or another.

Using social media
After you’ve joined Mix 20/20, you can join NW Carpenters – The Union Hall on facebook to put a call out for any work in your area. Many members know of openings on their job site and can provide resources for work in your area.

Using a Dispatch report or Active Job Site List

Online you can download a Dispatch Report or the Active Union Job Site List. These are updated semi-regularly and you can see where active jobs are happening so you can show up and ask about work. Go through and highlight all of the jobs you’re interested in and then go on to the next step!

Using the printed Dispatch and Active Job Reports, you can narrow down jobs within your are and scope. Bring your tools, lunch, and a ready-to-work attitude at 6 AM and ask to talk with the superintendent about work. You may get lucky, though if they say they don’t need you don’t be discouraged. Ask to be put on a call list if things change and are sure to thank them for their time and see about checking back in two weeks.

Want more tips on how to find work?

Did You Know?

Apprenticeships help business.

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