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Union carpenters interview oregon political canidates

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Washington Carpenter Apprentices Legislative Learning (CALL)

On February 17th, Union Carpenters from across the state of Washington came together in Olympia to advocate for infrastructure investments that will strengthen our communities and put us to work. With a focus on transportation funding, wage and benefit theft, and sharing the apprenticeship story with legislators, we were able to engage with politicians on the issues we face every day while learning more about the legislation process.

union carpenters visit Olympia Washington to tell their union story

Oregon Candidate Interviews

On February 22nd, 60 brothers and sisters from across Oregon took part in candidate endorsement interviews for several key political races.

Understanding candidate positions on crucial carpenter issues is critical when it comes to endorsements and understanding who to vote for. 

Regardless of the area, our core principles are the same: 

  • Protect our prevailing rate
  • Eliminate contractor payroll and tax fraud
  • Defend our union against harmful right to work laws

Paul Philpot and Steven "Chopper" Smart interview Oregon political canidates

Local Union 1503 member Steven “Chopper” Smart stated that it was important for him to show up because “The stakes are high this election cycle. It is important to get educated on the candidates and be able to stress the importance of the issues that affect carpenter families.” 

Did You Know?

UBC emblem and motto.

The official emblem of the United Brotherhood of Carpenters and Joiners of America was adopted at the Fourth General Convention in Cincinnati, Ohio, August 1884. The motto inscribed therein, “Labor Omnia Vincit,” translated from Latin means “Labor Conquers All Things.” Learn More


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