Grow your skills and your career with ICRA

Northwest Carpenters Institute of Washington is now offering Infectious Control Risk Assessment (ICRA) as part of their continuing education curriculum for Union Carpenters like you.

We asked David Sanchez, NWCI Instructor, Interior Systems, Local 41:
“Why should a Union Carpenter take ICRA continuing education?” 

Being ICRA trained advances your training and makes you more employable in our industry.

In my opinion, the biggest benefit is that it could lead to job security for our Union Carpenters. With ICRA, you are trained on construction methods that meet the standards and guidelines governing cleanliness in healthcare facilities in order to control the spread of infectious disease. This training also advances your awareness of hazards in all of your work, allowing you to protect your family by not contaminating your home from the job site.

ICRA’s work scope leans heavily on your knowledge and skills in ways that are not too physically intense. Much of this work is performed in sensitive, security locations where it is not too easy to replace workers. The more Union Carpenters that are ICRA trained the more our union secures this work to grow our value in the industry. 


View a list of scheduled NWCI courses to sign-up.

Classes are scheduled for every six students that request the training.
To request a class, Visit the NWCI course catalog.
Type ‘ICRA’ in the search box
Add the class to your “wish list” 

ICRA training is also available at Pacific Northwest Carpenters Institute (PNCI). Check out their class schedule online.

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