July Updates


Our apprenticeship programs are open and back to business after adapting to new norms. Read on for the latest updates in training.


Our revised system of delivering apprenticeship training, combining online and on-ground elements, is in full swing.

Our online content includes traditional lessons with video tutorials teaching the skills that our apprentices will then apply to the on-ground portion of their project.

Though some apprentices lament the loss of working in groups, they also recognize the educational value of doing projects solo. There are fewer distractions and more opportunity for one-on-one with instructors. 

Apprentices at the Renton training center working on projects for the Anatomy of a Bridge class.
Instructor Ben Lyberger at the Renton training center, monitoring apprentices progress in an online class. A JoBox data-vault (beyond) is available for apprentices to view their shop project in SketchUp.

Our pre-apprenticeship team is already using the online format, completing the Piledriver Pre-Apprenticeship in June.

This month, the carpenters’ pre-apprenticeship is in Spokane. After finishing the online COVID-19 Preparedness Qualification, students worked on shop projects that mirror our first-year apprentice projects. 

Continuing Education
Journeyman Upgrade and other continuing education classes will be held in the traditional format, with a class size limit of six participants per class. The first classes will be available starting mid-August, including ICRA, OSHA 10, and First Aid/CPR. Visit us online for more information

Piledriver Pre-Apprenticeship class at the Kent Training Center
The home page of Basics of Carpentry class, as seen by apprentices on Canvas.


A look back: PNCI morning safety meeting (prior to COVID-19)

A Message from Michael Hawes, PNCI Executive Director 
I wanted to take this opportunity to reinforce our commitment to supporting a construction culture that is free of harassment, bullying, discrimination, and racism. Our team at PNCI crafted our mission statement back in 2016 shortly after I became Director. I am incredibly proud of our commitment to become more diverse and inclusive.

Our Positive Jobsite Culture (PJC) training is an extension of our mission to create a culture that supports our apprentices. PJC focuses on how and why a culture that welcomes people regardless of their skin color, gender, ethnicity, sexual orientation, or disability makes for a more productive industry. The bottom line, these things have absolutely nothing to do with the technical skills, drive, and ambition needed to thrive as a carpenter.

Our low retention numbers are evidence that many apprentices have left our union and this industry due to a lack of inclusivity that is unrelated to work ethic. Too many carpenters decide to leave because of harassment and discrimination on the job site. The Black Lives Movement (BLM) has emphasized the damage that systemic racism causes and the importance of our work to create a positive job site culture. 

We may not all agree with every aspect of the BLM movement, and that is okay. However, racism is not acceptable, and if we had it right, we would be inclusive, and there would be equity on our job sites. If we are going to attract, recruit, and retain the professional carpenter workforce that reflects our communities, we need to make positive changes. Here at PNCI, we are all in.

I would like to recognize the Regional Council’s support in sponsoring lunches for the training, all of the contractors that invited us, and our team’s efforts in developing the program over 14 months. Special Recognition to Michael Burch – PNWRCC, PNCI Staff Miguel Montaño, Charlene Getchell, Amber McCoy, Azadeh Ryan, and Kelly Haines with WorkSystem Inc.

On July 14, Mike Hawes and Matt Swanson, Political Director, participated in a webinar hosted by NAMC to discuss racism and bias. 

“On behalf of the National Association of Minority Contractors-Oregon and our board, I wanted to personally thank you for attending the listening session this past Wednesday and for your contributions to the conversation. We had 329 attendees who added a lot of value on the panel and on the chat thread. Racism is insidious and a significant threat to those who want to pursue or continue a career in construction. We are not going to eradicate it without the full commitment and support of everyone in the industry.” – Nate McCoy, EXECUTIVE DIRECTOR, NAMC-Oregon

Learn more about PJC with Mike Hawes and the Talking Training With the Trades podcast.

Watch the latest PNCI COVID Update

PNCI Online Construction Math and Print Course
We rolled out our Instructor-led online Construction Math and Print reading (CMP) Class. This two-week course is held in the evenings from 5–9 pm. The Zoom platform allows the instructors to have breakout rooms that serve as tutorial spaces for individuals who want additional instruction around different math processes.  

The print reading portion is presented through a PowerPoint using Zoom. Each student is mailed prints for hands-on exercises with instructors available to answer questions throughout the evening.

“One of the good things about the online classes is, I don’t have to miss work to attend class.” -Andrew Trask 

“I really appreciate being able to be home with my family in the evenings and attend a required apprenticeship class at the same time.” – Austin Hartung

PNCI Mission Statement
At PNCI, we strive for excellence in the education and leadership development of our professional carpenter workforce. We are committed to creating a positive job site culture and a safe work environment by collaborating with our partners in the community and industry.

Core Values

  • Model excellent leadership and strive to add value as we make positive connections with our members and contractors.
  • Commitment to collaborating with our industry partners to stay ahead of the ever-changing construction industry.
  • Use best practices in teaching and technology to create an engaging and effective classroom experience.
  • Inspire a workforce committed to lifelong learning.
  • Model and promote equity and diversity.
  • Continuously develop programs to promote, recruit, and retain a professional workforce that reflects our community.

Half of the PJC Training that occurred was by contractor request and took place on job sites and at contractor offices.  

Total Classes 130
Total Completions 4,572

  • Hoffman 
  • Western Partitions
  • JE Dunn
  • Swinerton Builders
  • Fred Shearer & Sons
  • Andersen Constr.
  • Safway
  • Fortis
  • Expert Drywall, Inc
  • The Harver Co.
  • Mortensen
  • Anning & Johnson
  • Emerick Constr.
  • Advanced American
  • VanLom Concrete
  • GLY
  • New Space Construction
  •  Forte Construction Services
  • Precision Steel and Gypsum. 


  • NWCB Annual Conference  
  • CITF National Pile Driver MW Conference 
  • AGC Oregon Summer Convention. 
  • International Foundation Benefits Programs Annual Apprenticeship Conference

Visit Alaska Carpenters Training Trust and Montana Carpenters Apprenticeship and Training Center for the most up-to-date information on their programs.

Did You Know?

Carpenters skills and training go beyond the job site.

The Journeyman Leadership Program is a three day program geared towards developing the strong qualities of members on the job and in their lives – leadership, communication, mentoring and collective action. Members learn where the UBC came from and where its headed, and, importantly, how to lead it. Learn More


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