Role of a Delegate


Have you ever wondered what a Regional Council delegate does? Or how they got the position? Maybe you’ve thought of running yourself. We will be exploring the critical function of a Regional Council delegate, and the vital role in the Northwest Carpenters Union. 

Delegates are elected by the members to represent their local union at the Regional Council quarterly meetings. They play an important role in shaping the direction of the union. Delegates bring forward and vote on decisions that can affect the entire six-state region, including operating budgets, organizing direction, and political endorsements. They are also responsible for voting in the Executive Committee members, including the Executive Secretary-Treasurer. 

Each delegate takes a lot of pride in their position and comes representing the will of their local union. Always with the good of the union in mind, delegates help shape the culture of the Regional Council. 

A delegate needs to be an effective communicator. They are key to the communications flow in our organization. They are expected to bring with them to quarterly meetings the direction and the will of hundreds of members from their local and bring back accurate information to their local meetings. They should be able to recall the actions taken at the Council level, educate members on the reasoning of the decisions, and how they affect members. 

A delegate is expected to advocate for the union and its members. They are always mindful that they are setting a direction that impacts the long-term goals, strategies, and direction of our union. They are also active organizers who help members understand the bigger picture and personal benefits of the decisions made. Delegates mobilize members into action around organizing campaigns, political efforts, and collective bargaining. 

Above all, a delegate is a leader in the union. They are willing to invest personal time and energy in service to the organization. Delegates exhibit a lot of pride in the union and are committed to elevating our trade and growing the UBC by engaging members to develop future leaders.

Ready to step up and become a delegate for your local? Be sure to talk with one of your local delegates at your next local meeting and get their perspective. 

If you are interested in taking the next step in union leadership, check out the next Journeyman Leadership Training at the Carpenters International Training Center in Las Vegas. You can also check us out on Facebook @nwcarpenters, and join us on the NW Carpenters- Union Hall Facebook group.  

Did You Know?

PNWRCC has many women in our crafts and leadership positions.

Margaret Ellings became the first woman initiated into the United Brotherhood of Carpenters in October 1935. The establishment of a women’s committee within the United Brotherhood of Carpenters is one of the most important developments in the union’s recent history. Visit


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