New Members Welcomed

Through Groundbreaking Signatory Contract New Members Welcomed

Last month the Northwest Carpenters Union welcomed a very special new group of members in Western Washington through a signatory contractor relationship with Peninsulators Northwest, a leader in the sales and installation of commercial window coverings. 

As it currently stands, Peninsulators Northwest is the only window covering subcontractor signatory to the Union in the state of Washington. Business Development Manager for Peninsulators Northwest, Sam Blair stated, “As the first window covering subcontractor to join the Northwest Carpenters Union, we look forward to seeing this agreement positively impact not only our field employees, but our General Contracting partners by way of equal and fair pricing – further building upon our foundation of integrity and equality.”

“We work hard to ensure our members have opportunities to put their skills to work for companies that have a high standard for workmanship, safety, quality and professionalism — and Peninsulators Northwest exceeds our expectations in all categories — we could not be more excited to welcome them to our family,” said Director of Organizing Juan Sanchez.

Before this agreement was signed, the window covering niche was not specifically claimed by the Union, which left room for ambiguity in interpreting Article 6 of the Master Union Agreement, our union subcontractor clause. Now that this agreement stands, any General Contractor who is a member of the Union must only subcontract out work to other members within the Union. If the General Contractor chooses to work with a Non-Union window covering subcontractor, they will be charged a penalty for each hour worked on the job site by a Non-Union employee – thus, increasing the incentive to work directly with Peninsulators Northwest as the solo full signatory partner of NWCU.

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