Industry Perspectives

We caught up with a few industry professionals to get a sense of how they are moving through this unique time in history.

Having endured the great recession of 2008, how are you approaching current events?

Dee Burch, Owner, Advanced American Construction

“We are being as thoughtful as we can and prepared in every way possible on our active job sites.

The health and economic crisis brought on by Covid-19 is unknowable but we can prepare for the worst and get best practice protocols in place. It is easier to back down on those protocols if they are NOT needed than it is to ramp up.”

Rodney Williams, LU 30, Outreach Representative, PNWRCC

“I have the ability to support members in my present position more than I could in 2008. Apprentices want to know what their future really looks like. Will they be able to continue in this trade?

I recently helped an apprentice find a place to live. We can offer a steady hand to members struggling with the anxiety of this situation by being encouraging, consoling, and confident. We can help them look forward to better times and stay focused.”

How are you coping with the response to COVID-19?

Maya Berns, LU 1503, General Carpenter

“We are lucky in a weird way. Generally, on the job site, we are all taking it really seriously – none of us want to be the “guy” to get it.

We are cautious of each other’s space. We are one of the last industries to go out, and it is good to have that paycheck each additional week.”

Richard Callahan, LU 1503, General Carpenter

“It’s crazy to see the store aisles bare, and people not being helpful. I have to help.

You can’t walk by certain things: for example, safety issues on the job. Follow-through is important. It shows who we are as people.”

Your safety is our priority.
Do you have safety concerns on your job site, or concerns about your personal safety while working during these times? Please contact us. 284.7936

Did You Know?

PNWRCC has many women in our crafts and leadership positions.

Margaret Ellings became the first woman initiated into the United Brotherhood of Carpenters in October 1935. The establishment of a women’s committee within the United Brotherhood of Carpenters is one of the most important developments in the union’s recent history. Visit


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