Know Your Contract

How to Find the Information You Need in Your Contract

All carpenters should know and understand their contract. The first step to knowing your contract is knowing where to find it. We broke it down so you can find the information you need:

  1. The Regional Council website has a library of contracts under the “For Members – On the Job” tab.
  2. Active contracts are listed by state. If you don’t know which contract you are working under, check with your job site Steward or call the Council Office in your area.
  3. Once you find your contract, you will find a table of contents. The description should give a general idea of what is covered in the article/ rule. (Some contracts are brief and do not require a table of contents)

Our collective bargaining agreements are at the heart and soul of our union. They determine our wages, benefits, job site health and safety policies, and general working conditions. Our agreements provide solutions to job site problems. Most importantly, they are the best way to raise wages and ensure we maintain a quality standard of living.

These documents are modified every few years through the negotiation process. While our contracts can seem overwhelming, there are easy steps to find exactly what you need.

Interested in getting more in-depth training about your contract?

Check out an upcoming Steward Training at your area training center or Regional Council office. Steward trainings can be found on our online calendar.

Did you know that some PDFs are searchable?

On a Desktop: When a PDF is open, click CTRL + F (on Windows) or CMD + F (on Mac), and it will open a box where you can type in any word. It will highlight that word throughout the document, and allow for navigation to jump to each location.

On an iPhone: Once the PDF is open, touch the share button on the bottom. This will bring up a menu. Scroll down to “Find on Page.” Type the word you are looking for, and it will highlight every mention in the document. 

On a Samsung phone: Once the PDF is open, touch the magnifying glass button on the top, this will bring up a search bar. Type the word you are looking for, and it will highlight every mention in the document. You can then use the left and right arrows at the top to navigate to each page your keyword appears on.

Sometimes, the word you’re searching for might be slightly different than the one you’re using. If your first search doesn’t work, try using similar words. (Example: Instead of “wages,” try “funds” or “pay.”

Did You Know?

Carpenters skills and training go beyond the job site.

The Journeyman Leadership Program is a three day program geared towards developing the strong qualities of members on the job and in their lives – leadership, communication, mentoring and collective action. Members learn where the UBC came from and where its headed, and, importantly, how to lead it. Learn More


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