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First year carpenter apprentices building  a concrete wall form at the Alaska Training Center.

As we get closer to summer, state shelter-in-place mandates are changing. Training centers in Montana and Alaska have reopened as Oregon and Washington develop online curriculum to keep our carpenters trained and working.


Reopening went as smoothly as we could expect. In the weeks leading up to class, we prepared our apprentices with our safety protocol and precautions. We will not place students in an uncomfortable environment.  

Last week, our instructors prepared the training center for reopening, which involved a deep scrub from top to bottom. 

  • Sanitation stations and additional trash bins were added to all high-traffic areas such as vending machines, microwaves, coffee pots, and door handles.
  • Water coolers were stocked with disposable cups because refillable water bottles are prohibited.
  • Social distancing protocol signage and COVID-19 resources were posted.


  • Class size of fewer than ten students
  • Assigned seating eight feet apart
  • Face coverings 
  • Personal bottles of hand sanitizer 
  • Reviewed the list of personal responsibilities
  • Went over the daily cleaning checklist
  • Visitors briefed on safety protocols at entry
  • COVID-19 preparedness training from the CITF 

Training resumed Monday, May 18, in both Anchorage and Fairbanks. This year we are hosting several condensed trainings with smaller groups as opposed to our typical large class of six weeks. 


The Montana Training Center is back to regular operations. Montana has not been hit as hard by the pandemic as other areas. We are acting responsibly and proactively by implementing additional housekeeping standards to our daily routine, including:

  • Additional cleaning
  • Physical distancing
  • Working on small group projects

We received the green light to begin online training and are developing distance-learning classes. More information to come on those courses. 


NWCI instructors building online courses from their home offices:

Preparation for the opening of our training centers is underway. All NWCI staff are required to take the UBC COVID-19 Preparedness Qualification course and understand our response plan to safely reopen NWCI training centers.

We are working closely with the Washington State UBC Joint Apprenticeship Training Committee (JATC) and the Washington State Apprenticeship and Training Council (WSATC) and Labor and Industries (L&I) for guidance to ensure compliance with all policy revisions and standards. 

We are collaborating with WA DOSH – Washington Division of Occupational Safety and Health to ensure that our business and training processes meet or exceed all safety requirements, which includes voluntary inspections of all training facilities and a comprehensive review of our safety plan.

Apprenticeship online class development, using Canvas LMS, continues on schedule. The first round of classes to test the new format is planned for June. A return to full apprenticeship schedule is expected to happen in July. All classes are subject to change per Washington State’s Phased Opening Plan and related stay-at-home orders. Please go to for more information and schedule updates.

We remain active and engaged in promoting opportunities for those considering the carpentry trade as a career.
Our team participated in a live streaming event featured on Washington State’s Career Connect @ Home. We enjoyed speaking to students about career opportunities in our industry. 

Our panel was hosted by Marianna Talbott, NWCI outreach and pre-apprenticeship specialist, with interviews from Ben Reynolds, a Journeyman Carpenter in field management for Andersen Structures and president of Local Union 30, and Brandon Deuschle, a carpenter apprentice.

Watch the interview on the Career Connect @Home YouTube channel

We participated in a virtual roundtable discussion hosted by Forterra on Thursday, May 28, focusing on mass timber workforce development. 

Tyson Stuber, PNWRCC Regional Manager, presented on the UBC Career Connections program.

Steve Anderson, NWCI Training Coordinator, discussed our cross-laminated timber (CLT) curriculum as a training opportunity for employers. 

Additional participants include GLY, Walsh Construction, and Carpenter Representatives.

Apprenticeship classes beginning in July for each of our training centers:

Scaffold 40            

Concrete 2

Intro to Piledriver
LADS Welding 1
Equipment Orientation
Suspended Gyp Board Ceilings
Acoustical Basics
Soffit Framing
Intro to Foreman

Metal Stud Framing – Basics
Equipment Orientation
Concrete 1
Print Reading
Interior Trim

Anatomy of a Bridge

Basics of Carpentry

Equipment Orientation
Basics of Carpentry
Introduction to Millwright


As we move into summer, we are ramping up the number of classes we are holding in a new hybrid online and modified hands-on training format.

Our core instructors are collaborating on curriculum and working closely with our facilities manager to ensure that we are meeting the state’s COVID-19 mandates. Our hands-on classes have been modified to follow strict protocols to keep students and staff safe.

Our Joint Apprenticeship Training Committee (JATC) worked with the Bureau of Labor and Industries (BOLI) to approve a temporary standard for apprentice re-rates:

  • During the COVID-19 pandemic, the PNCI JATC is removing the minimum annual hour requirement, as well as the estimated school-hour requirement for rerates, for the duration of the shelter-in-place order. 
  • While rerates will continue to progress, apprentices will be required to make up these administratively canceled classes within six months of the shelter-in-place order being removed. 
  • Apprentices must work with their coordinators to ensure that makeup classes are scheduled and meet their schedules. 
  • Apprentices that buck-slip (get approval to skip a class), no-show, or fail to complete a makeup class will be held until the class hours are met for the next progression. 
  • PNCI JATC may extend the six-month requirement, under extenuating circumstances. 

Watch this update from Mike Hawes, PNCI Executive Director

Available now! The first hybrid ICRA class in the nation 

  • We received approval to teach an online instructor-led Infectious Control Risk Assessment (ICRA) class from the Carpenters International Training Center at the beginning of April.
  • The training is provided in five increments using Zoom for our virtual classroom. The class finishes on a Friday or Saturday at our training center, where we give a hands-on class to complete the week.
  • The protocol for the hands-on portion of the course includes social distancing, use of an entry room, and personal protective equipment (PPE) throughout the class.
  • If you or your company are interested in taking the ICRA class, you can sign up on our website.


View Class Schedules
Welding Principals Online Instructor-led

Hybrid Equipment Orientation Class (apprenticeship and continuing education)

Instructor-led Scaffold User

Instructor-led Online Fall Protection

Construction Leadership

ICRA BPHC 24 and 8-hour Awareness

View Class Schedules
Prioritizing roll out of continuing education and apprenticeship classes in hybrid formats

Silica Awareness (continuing education)

Instructor-led Math and Print Reading

Click here to learn more about our hybrid ICRA course

PNCI Celebration of New Journey-Level Carpenters
The Governor’s Social Distancing Mandate forced us to postpone all group activities. We were all looking forward to the Annual Industry Outreach Event, where we celebrate the accomplishment of our apprentices who achieved journey-level status. We postponed this tentatively to July 18, 2020.


Access your online CITF learning center at

COVID-19 Preparedness Qualification
Learn the new job site standards that you need to get back to work safely. This course covers rules and procedures outlined in the March 20, 2020, OSHA Guidelines and is available to all UBC members. Upon completion of the course and test, the COVID-19 Preparedness Qualification course will display on your Training Verification Card. Make sure that you are ready to go back to work and get your training certification today.

ICRA certified?
Take ICRA: Best Practices in Health-Care Construction. This online refresher course will keep your certification from expiring.

Did You Know?

Apprenticeships help business.

Apprentices are great for business: helps recruit and develop a highly skilled work force; improves productivity and the bottom line; provides opportunities for tax credits and employee tuition benefits in some states; reduces turnover costs and increases employee retention; and creates industry-driven, flexible training solutions for local and national needs. Learn More


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