President Cadwell

A Message from President Joe Cadwell

Greetings brothers and sisters,

I hope you are having a great summer and that you are taking plenty of opportunities to enjoy the beautiful weather and natural splendor that comes from living in the Pacific Northwest. Whether camping with your family, four-wheeling with buddies or just getting out for a long walk on a nice sunny day, we are truly fortunate to live in a great part of the country.

Throughout our six-state Regional Council, we have been experiencing a long stretch of favorable conditions as well. Work hours are up, membership is growing steadily, and most notably, rank and file involvement in union activities and associated events has had a significant increase over the last year!

“Attendance at our monthly meetings is through the roof,” says Dale Dvorak, President of Local 1503 in Portland. “Our members are engaged, energized and wanting to be part of the action.”

Cindy Gaudio, NWCI training coordinator at the Renton facility advised, “Our apprentice classes are close to 93% full and journeyman upgrade training is going full speed ahead.”

Meeting attendance is up, classes are full and our members are engaged. All indications that things are moving in the right direction. So what’s going on? Why the sudden shift in attitude, participation and engagement? I personally believe a big part of this dramatic up-tick comes from the long term commitment to leadership development that the UBC has been investing in.

Professional growth opportunities such as the Journeyman Leadership Training (JLT) have made a significant impact. The design of this program, which is held at the International Training Center over the course of four days, is intended to develop and strengthen the communication and leadership skills needed to succeed in our fast-paced and increasingly competitive industry. Thousands of our brothers and sisters from around the Council have already attended. Following this training, we have seen a heightened sense of pride, understanding, and commitment to protecting and improving upon the language, wages, and benefits structure that our collective bargaining agreements provide.

For those members who have already been through the JLT program, the newly developed 212 leadership training is now available. This program, also held over four days, continues to broaden and strengthen valuable communication skills as well as dig deeper into attendees’ untapped potential to become the leaders that they are meant to be. If you have not made the time to enroll in either of these outstanding courses, I strongly encourage you do so. The opportunity to see firsthand the UBC’s deep and rich history, as well as its commitment to building a strong future for our members and their families, is one not to be missed.

I also believe that embracing advances in technology such as mass texting platforms and social media sites have improved our Council staff’s ability to reach out, engage and inform our members. Kevin Mackey, pile driver rep out of Anchorage, says that he has seen “a positive response” while using the Hustle app which helps keep members connected to important issues in such vast areas as Alaska.

The Council’s promotion and support of the many ancillary groups available to our members has also helped mobilize our ranks. Whether you attend a Carpenters in Action community outreach event, enjoy an energetic and informative Sisters in the Brotherhood meeting or further your career by attending Foreman Leadership Training, the opportunities available are many and varied. There is no better time than now to engage in meaningful action with your brothers and sisters, to invest in your community or support your union. Many of these events are family-friendly, which is a great way to maximize your time and interest.
We are all aware that life pulls us in many directions, but hopefully by finding time to participate in any of the above-mentioned programs you can achieve the right balance of work and family to keep you connected, motivated and prosperous in the months and years to come.

Until next time, be safe, work smart and stay union strong!
Joe Cadwell

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