SHARP Workshop Allows Apprentices to Hone Their Carpentry Skills

Skills Help Apprentices Remain Productive (SHARP)
SHARP Drywall Workshop • June 20, 2019

Skills Help Apprentices Remain Productive (SHARP) is a collaborative effort between Kent training center personnel, training trustees, and Regional Council staff to give women apprentices the opportunity to hone the skills they need to be successful on the job. 

On June 20, 2019 five apprentices came to the Kent training center to learn drywall skills one on one from industry professionals.

The workshop in June focused on drywall installation beginning with stripping labels off stacks of drywall, apprentices also practiced how to carry and lift it, score and break it, place it, screw it off, cut accesses, and much more.

“This free workshop is one more tool available to apprentices to assure their success on the job,” said Noe Castillo, the Regional Council’s director of organizing, and one of the drywall industry experts who helped teach the class.

“This is a beginning. We may expand access to the class to include other types of workshops and open it up to all interested apprentices.”

“In a male-defined industry, I find myself a stronger asset as a woman for hire when I can provide a variety of skill sets. It’s important that I stay on top of new training and enhance my own job performance to compete at the same level.

The SHARP workshop is opening up avenues for women to be recognized for their dedication and with the same admiration as anyone else in the field.
– Becca Moeai, LU 30

To enroll in the next SMART workshop, contact the Kent Training Center at 253.437.5235

How will the SHARP workshop contribute to your success on the job?

“The workshop provides a space for me to sharpen my skills as a carpenter without the pressure of production expected at work.”Anya Meier, LU 41

“In the field, you need to be fast and accurate. The workshop will help me perform to the best of my ability.”Adrianna Carter, LU 41

“The workshop is another opportunity to hone the skills we need to be productive members of a team on the job site. It’s also an opportunity to network with fellow sisters.”Allison Eby, LU 41

“Being a carpenter isn’t easy, especially being a woman carpenter. The drywall workshop helped me not only sharpen my skills with the one on one training but helped build my confidence knowing there are more women willing and encouraged to do these hard tasks.”Darlene Villafuerte, LU 41

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