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Tax Fraud

Tax Fraud is a top policy priority for the UBC across the country. Payroll Fraud is the theft of wages and protections as employees and threatens law abiding contractors. The PNWRCC has helped to expose the economic and industry ills of the fraudulent “Underground Economy” that’s robbing workers and society. The price of inaction is our jobs and millions of dollars in lost revenues every year – in every state. Payroll Fraud undercuts America’s middle class and our government’s ability to reinvest in our infrastructure and education and create jobs. Each UBC Member needs to engage in this issue and communicate with their local, state and national elected representatives that governing agencies must enforce laws and policies to end Payroll Fraud. #StandUpToTaxFraud


Right to Work

Within the PNWRCC we have states that either suffer under “Right to Work” laws or continually fight its expansion. There are business interests at work to weaken unions and remove our rights to collectively bargain for our wages and working conditions. The threat is real and ever present across the nation. Combating the expansion of Right to Work, and returning our Members rights in states that have adopted those laws is a priority for the UBC. Don’t be fooled, there is nothing for our Members to gain under these laws.

Davis/Bacon & Prevailing wage

Davis/ Bacon is the law on federal and state construction projects for all public work. Agencies awarding public works contracts include state agencies, counties, municipalities and all political subdivisions of the state, including schools, universities and ports. Prevailing Wages are established by each county based on wage surveys submitted by scope of work. Those wage determinations are enforceable by law. Prevailing Wage laws are an attempt to benefit local tax payers, contractors and workforce. However, unscrupulous contractors avoid payment of the correct prevailed construction rates and should be prosecuted and denied access to public works.

Apprenticeship Utilization

Apprenticeship Utilization is a priority for training Carpenters for the future. Replacing the retiring skilled members is vital to our survival. To fill the skills gap involves the enforcement of apprenticeship utilization requirements on public projects. Apprenticeship utilization laws should be enforced and project hours reported. The immediate returns on investments are collected construction tax revenues, efficient and transparent use of tax payer dollars and individuals with living wage careers.

Community Benefits Agreements

The CBA is  a way to address the skills gap of an aging workforce and to diversify our industry’s emerging professional workforce. CBA seek to return public investment on projects by promoting employment of local citizens and use of area employers. They can be tailored to the community and the project. Hiring Veterans or supporting area pre-apprenticeship articulation agreements are an example. Local ordinances are incorporating CBA and considered an appropriate budgetary language for certain projects.

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