Please read this important letter from the NW Carpenters Union team regarding picketing tomorrow, 9/24.

We are sorry to report that roaming protests headed by a small, unsanctioned group of protestors, that includes union and non-union members, have led to the temporary closure of all Northwest Carpenters Union picket activities starting tomorrow, Friday, September 24.     

Activities reported to NWCU have been near altercations, threats of violence,illegal picketing activity, harassment of union members walking on sanctioned picket lines, and threats of legal actions from multiple employers regarding wildcat strikes; all of which leaves NWCU open to liability.   

Our priority is protecting the physical safety of our picketing members, who are reporting real and increasing threats of personal violence and property destruction from those participating in unsanctioned protests. Hundreds of our members have participated in highly successful, sanctioned, legal pickets this week and last week, at increasing picket sites every day, marching as one. We are disappointed that the actions of a few are getting in the way of our members’ right to strike.   

Because of the actions taken today, we have been contacted by legal counsel from several employers who are taking actions against NWCU. In addition to potential safety issues, these wildcat actions, and roaming protests, conducted in the name of union carpenters, would likely drain union resources (union members’ dues), and threaten the livelihood of our members.   

To have a successful strike and make gains for Carpenter Members we must unite. If you would still like to meet up with fellow Carpenter Union Members tomorrow to chat with other members, better understand bargaining, and have some friendly conversation with donuts and coffee, you are welcome to meet up at the area muster points listed below:   

North Sound:     

Sixty Acres Park @6:00am (15200 NE 116th St, Redmond)   

Contact: Miguel Perry (425-330-2446) and Todd Gorham (541-799-4575)   

Burlington Training Center @6:00am (1387 Pacific Drive, Burlington)   

Contact: Paul Galovin (425-272-3233) and Chad Canoy (509-403-0770)   

Central Sound:     

Greenlake Park @6:00am (7201 East Green Lake Dr. N. Seattle)     

Contact: Eric Phillips (253-439-8559)   

Onni Surface Lot @6:00am (606 106th Ave NE, Bellevue)   

Contact: Chris Dimond (907-290-9007)   

South Sound:     

SR-512 Park & Ride @7:00am (10417 South Tacoma Way, Tacoma)   

Contact: Kristi Cole (360-589-7720)  

We are still on strike and members who are required to withhold their labor will continue withholding labor until we have an agreement to consider. We will give an update on next week’s picketing activities on Sunday, September 26th at 6:00pm via text alert, email and on our website   

NWCU will provide picket pay to all members who have consistently participated in picket duty (at least three of the last six days) for any days we remain on strike but are not picketing due to the temporary picket pause. (If you have previously received a message from our accounting office that you are ineligible to receive picket pay, look for a communication from our accounting office soon to clarify and potentially update your eligibility.)   

We will hold a solidarity rally early next week with other labor unions who stand in solidarity with union carpenters. Please watch our website and text alerts for details.   

Stay safe and stay strong.

Did You Know?

UBC emblem and motto.

The official emblem of the United Brotherhood of Carpenters and Joiners of America was adopted at the Fourth General Convention in Cincinnati, Ohio, August 1884. The motto inscribed therein, “Labor Omnia Vincit,” translated from Latin means “Labor Conquers All Things.” Learn More


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