WA State Legislative priority

We all know that construction workers are more likely to have their wages stolen than other industries. That is why the Regional Council has been working with lawmakers to address this problem.

In short, HB 1395 and SB 5565 hold a general contractor responsible for the unpaid wages of the workers of it’s subcontractors on private construction projects. By holding general contractors responsible, a GC will be more likely to choose subcontractors who operate above board.

We are asking that all Washington state carpenters email their state representative. You can find their contact information through the link below. We are including sample email language to assist. Please see the PDF for more information on this important legislation.

Sample e-mail in support of HB 1395 & SB 5565  (feel free to highlight and copy)

Find your legislator here:

Dear sir or madam:

Construction industry workers like myself have been dealing with the issue of wage theft for far too long. We must hold contractors accountable when they break the law, and that is why I support HB 1395 & SB 5565. 

The bill addresses the issue of Wage Theft in construction – one of the illegal practices that contractors commit to save money. Cheating contractors don’t pay worker’s compensation, benefits, unemployment insurance or the proper business taxes – both state and local. Studies show that construction workers like myself lose an average of 23% of their income to wage theft. 

This also makes it harder for those honest businesses in our communities to be able to compete. The contractors that I work for are important local businesses and they lose on work when they are underbid by these cheaters. 

Please support HB 1395 & SB 5565 and help workers and local businesses get ahead.  

Thank you, 

[Your name]

[Your city, State] 

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